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Liquid Stone consists of  Quartz stones and Polymer resins.

This Strong combination will make a lasting impression for years to come.

Beautiful Curb Appeal

No More Ugly Or Hot Concrete

The Possibilities Are Endless

A Beautiful Liquid Stone Covering for all your Concrete Needs.

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The Liquid Stone Quartz Polymer system is the newest generation of concrete coating on the market today.

Liquid Stone is a very unique quartz and polymer coating that is far superior to other coatings because it does not contain any concrete in the mixture. The polymer properties make it an excellent coating for cracked or broken areas after they are repaired.

Designed to take the place of Cool Deck around swimming pools it has since become the coating of choice for virtually all outdoor projects. Including areas such as garages, warehouse floors and air plane hangers.

Liquid Stone is applied directly over cleaned  concrete. It is cool to the touch and slip resistant even when wet. It will not fade, stain, chip, peal or delaminate.  It is mold and mildew resistant. 

Liquid Stone is sprayed on at a thickness equal to a credit card so it does not change the height of the original substrate and is about twice the strength of concrete when cured.

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