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SEALS AND PROTECTS  Liquid Stone seals and protects the concrete substrata like no other. The polymers resins and quartz crystals are specifically designed to seal and protect from moister and corrosion.


93% NON-SLIP  Liquid Stone is slip resistant. It holds one of the highest ratings in the country and far surpasses all of OSHA’s requirements. That factor alone has helped many lower their cost of insurance.


COOL TO THE TOUCH  Liquid Stone is cool to the touch even in the hottest weather. It was first developed for use around swimming pools. This makes it especially nice on many outdoor surfaces.


U V COLORFAST  Liquid Stone is colorfast. The colors will not fade or bleed. The color has been baked onto the quartz crystals and then the crystals are combined to create the beautiful colors. No dye is added to the mix.

TOUGH  Liquid Stone is much stronger than concrete based coatings. In fact, Liquid Stone has been proven to increase the strength of the substrate once cured. This has widened the use to such areas as warehouse floors, work areas, driveways, carports, garages, airplane hangers and marine applications. We are finding and testing new areas of usage every day.


THIN COATING  Liquid Stone is applied at a rate equivalent to a credit card. But don't be fooled, the strength comes from the strong polymer resins and quartz stones. This strong thin coat will not enter-fear with step height or opening and closing doors. There will be no raised lip around pool coping or porch edge at brick soldering.


NON-POROUS  Liquid Stone is non-porous, liquids will not penetrate the surface. This helps protect the surface below from corrosion or other damage. 


MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT  Liquid Stone is mold\mildew resistant. The physical make up is not conducive to promoting mold\mildew. In fact, it contains two proven properties to protect against mold and mildew.


COLORS COMPUTER GENERATED  Liquid Stone takes great care to ensure that the colors are always the same through all applications. Colors are computer generated and can be precisely matched without human error if additional applications are required.


EASY TO CLEAN  Liquid Stone can easily be cleaned with just a water hose.


STAIN RESISTANT  Liquid Stone is made of a blend of resins that are non-porous, this makes cleanup easy and virtually eliminates staining.


18 COLORS  Liquid Stone comes in 18 beautiful colors to choose from. You can mix and match colors or design a pattern of your own.


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY  Liquid Stone is a water-born product that is environmentally friendly. It is safe around vegetation, pets and water.


MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY  Liquid Stone is factory warranted. It holds the highest warranty in the country for any type of concrete coating.


COST EFFICIENT  Liquid Stone, in comparison with other coating or coverings is very cost efficient. In most cases we are much lower than any other application.


HIGHLY PRAISED  Liquid Stone is the fastest growing product, in the field of concrete restoration, on the market today. Our customer base, repeat business and dealership program continues to grow every year.



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