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Driveway 1

The Driveway was first repaired as to be free of cracks, low spots and broken areas.

The Driveway was then sprayed with Liquid Stone (Pewter).

Next we added the brick soldering to strategic areas for an up scale look.

Last we sealed it with a high traffic sealer that makes clean up a snap.


Driveway 3

Now Thatís Curb Appeal

Pool off kitchen 1Pool off kitchen 2

The border around the pool follows the design on the porch facing of this custom designed home while the tile pattern under the matching deck compliments the pool and the open kitchen.

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Screened in porch, tile patterncovered pool area with diamondsFront entrancr, steps, landing and walkzpool deck with diamondsFront porch, tile pattern

The same two colors were used on the front porch and screened back porch but they were reversed.

Pool Decks, Entrance ways, Porches and Patios are transformed

from plain ugly concrete

to colorful cool and safe areas that you can be proud of.



Business EntranceInside florida room

The Designs and Patterns are endless

Driveway 2Covered porch with herringbone diamondsHerringbone PatternPool acented with band and tile patternsTile pattern that matches poolTile pattern that matches poolTile pattern that matches pool